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Searching for a career with a company that is a recognized leader in its field? We are an electronics repair facility with an impeccable reputation and 33 years of providing award-winning service to one of the largest corporations in America! Our environment is challenging and positive within an exciting growth industry. Heartland Customer Solutions is an EOE/Affirmative Action employer.

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Heartland is always looking for qualified, dedicated people interested in a challenging and positive environment within an exciting growth industry.

Working At Heartland

What's different at Heartland? The first time you walk through, you'll feel it. We have a special kind of energy. We're building a team. We put our hearts into it. Everybody has a genuine sense of ownership and pride. Everyone is responsible for his or her own work, from beginning to end. And no one's ever bored - you might find yourself doing something different every day. We do whatever it takes, because we know our work is important - supporting the clients and customers who depend on us. We've found it's the little things that make the difference.

Mentorship Program

Quality is our most important hallmark, and we believe it's in part due to our collegial culture. Heartland has a mentorship program to ensure new employees have time to learn to do the job right.

Program Overview
The mentorship program starts on day one, when a new employee is assigned to a more experienced veteran. Training begins by building repetition on testing procedures for one model. Slowly adding more complicated repairs, the mentor oversees the employee, signing off on that employee's work for the period of the mentorship. The goal is to make sure products are getting done right from the beginning. But the biggest benefit, to the new employee, is understanding that at Heartland, experience and support are always close at hand.

Program Benefits Include:
  • A sense of ownership from the start. Without the pressure of shipping units under the new employee's own name before they are ready.
  • Assigned repairs. Starting with one model and slowly adding more complicated procedures, with a gradual transition to other models.
  • Periodic evaluation. The employee keeps a record of tasks learned; the mentor offers periodic reviews.
  • A four to six week duration. With no official cutoff, as long as the new employee is giving it the best effort.
  • Highly qualified mentors. Fulltime, salaried veterans, team players who will take the time not only to demonstrate, but also to explain why we do things the way we do.

Your First Day At Heartland

Welcome aboard. If you're about to start at Heartland, you're probably pretty excited. And maybe a bit nervous. You should find it easy to become a part of our culture because it's such a friendly place to work. What else can you expect? Here's a peek into a typical first day of work.

In The Morning
Your day starts with Jayson and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Jayson goes over the terms of your employment, company policies, and company procedures like filling out training sheets and using the time clock.

You'll start meeting people right away, as they see Jayson is working with a new employee and come over to introduce themselves.

Jayson then takes you on an informational tour of the facility - the same tour we give visitors. You not only learn where the restrooms and kitchen are, you also hear about all the departments and how they interact.

You meet coworkers and supervisors, and you hear more names than you can probably remember.

In The Afternoon
After a break for lunch, it's time to meet your mentor. Even if you've done a similar job before, you work with a more experienced veteran who will oversee your training for a while. Throughout the mentorship, you work on units your mentor assigns you, and your mentor signs off on your work.

Your mentor spends time with you right away, familiarizing you with our products and showing you how to run diagnostics for a specific model. Our goal is that your job becomes second nature to you, with a similar approach to every task.

You spend the rest of the day training in this way, and meeting more people who will soon become your trusted coworkers.

If someone walks up to you and says, "Hi, I'm Mr. C.", it's our founder. He likes to roam around and meet new employees. If he doesn't recognize you, he gives you his personal welcome.