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Company Events

We're a family at Heartland. And like most families, we have our own unique traditions, special days that continue to evolve as we celebrate together. These events help keep us close as our company grows.

Heartland Annual Company Picnic
We're all big kids anyway, so of course we have a casual company picnic with all of our kids, with games, competitions, and Kansas City barbecue. It's held outside on our grounds on a sunny afternoon in late September or early October.

Lunch on the Plaza
This elegant holiday appreciation event started as a thank-you for the wives of our associates. On a weekday in early December, wives, significant others, and female employees enjoy a limo ride, lunch at Plaza III with Mr. and Mrs. Cocherl, and shopping at the Country Club Plaza. For a sweet ending, the ladies hand-pick fancy pastries and confectioneries at Andre's.

Holiday Outing
What started as a casual holiday lunch has evolved into a ritual. The men at Heartland board a yellow school bus to go to lunch. - In the old days, it was a wood paneled station wagon. At Winstead's, they feast on burgers and fries, and challenge the rookies to finish the GIANT MILKSHAKE. On the way back, they stop at Russell Stover's for treats for their families. Then the rookies have to sing Christmas carols from the back of the bus.

Cleaning Day
Heartland doesn't have custodians - we take care of our own facilities, and it shows. Twice a year, we get together on a Saturday to do the tasks we can't normally get to - waxing and buffing floors, moving furniture to clean, clearing out ducts. It may not sound like a lot of fun, but, surprisingly, it's one of the most rewarding things we do together.

Everybody wears a costume on Halloween. Everybody. Really. Throughout the day, our kids arrive to trick or treat around the company. We pass out candy and act like kids ourselves. By the end of the day, we're all on a delightful sugar high. The best costumes are featured on the Heartland photo wall, as are all company events.

Heartland Christmas Party
Years ago, our employees decided they wanted to get all the families together for the holidays. This is a special chance for us to share a nice dinner out together, visit with Santa, and have games and gifts for the children.


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