Local Panasonic Partner Celebrates New Building

Date: 01/26/2002

Less than a year ago, Heartland Services, Inc. (HSI - Leawood, Kan.) plunged their gilded shovels into their neighboring lot to commemorate yet another ambitious leap into the future with their long-time business partner, Panasonic.

Started in 1987, Heartland has grown steadily through the years supporting Panasonic office automation products. Since 1996, Heartland has dedicated their Leawood operation to serving as the national repair center for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company (PCSC), a worldwide leader in ruggedized mobile computing devices.

On Tuesday, June 4, after two months of settling in, Heartland celebrated the truly Grand Opening of the 25,000 sq.ft. Heartland Building, the second building constructed and eventual centerpiece of their envisioned three-building campus on the northeast corner of 143rd & State Line (Kenneth). The catered event featured distinctions such as a piano player on the first floor, a string quartet on the staircase, parlor games on the second floor, and guided tours given by senior staff members. Although no longer a small company, Heartland has worked hard to maintain the 'family feel' during its sustained period of growth. One of the ways they've met this challenge is by allocating more than ample space to their family room, game room and full kitchen. But the show-stopper in the new building is their top-of the-line multimedia conference room, which is outfitted exclusively with Panasonic technology. The room was designed to handle every audio and video conferencing need of up to 20 participants, and will be quite useful to Panasonic as a central meeting place to use for training and/or sales presentations.

During the event, Mr. Yasu Enokido (Vice President of Planning, PCSC) presented to Mr. Patrick J. Cocherl, Jr. (President, Heartland Services, Inc.) a 'Panasonic Toughbook' flag to be flown on one of their three flagpoles situated between the two buildings. Mr. Rance Poehler (President, PCSC) delivered the opening comments for the ceremony, and Mr. Steve Yuhas (President/COO, Panasonic System Sales Company) gave closing remarks before joining Mr. Cocherl in the cutting of the ribbon.

Heartland is maintaining its first building - the Cocherl Building - as a fully operational facility and is preparing it for anticipated future project opportunities with Panasonic, including their newly released value-added services. A section of the Cocherl Building has been converted into a display of PCSC's entire product line. It was unveiled Tuesday as The Toughbook Museum.

Over 200 guests enjoyed an evening of celebration and camaraderie. Cocherl said the celebration was just what he had hoped for. "It is a testament to hard work, dedication to quality, and a sense of working toward common goals with a valued business partner." Heartland is now postured to continue its growth as an integral member of a flourishing industry.