Rapid Product Repair

Heartland is your trusted partner providing both Rapid Product Repair and Professional Support Services. Since day one, our team's commitment has been providing the highest quality service for all customers.

Panasonic Toughbook/Toughpad Repair

Is your Panasonic Toughbook/Toughpad feeling under the weather? With a state-of-the-art facility and factory-trained technicians, Heartland can remedy all of your laptop's needs. As the national repair center for Panasonic Toughbook/Toughpad, we proudly service the United States as well as various overseas organizations.

Support Offerings
We offer a full range of hardware support including in-warranty and out-of-warranty service as well as post-warranty repair. We stock the largest inventory of Toughbook/Toughpad parts and are one of the few organizations providing Panasonic certified board level repair. This allows for a quality fix while minimizing customer down time and costs. Over the last nineteen years, we have provided an average turn-around-time of less than two days.

Our Process
Once we receive your Toughbook/Toughpad, it will be thoroughly diagnosed and repaired. Our multi-point inspection helps us to identify and correct anticipated and unreported failures. Afterwards we go through an extensive testing process. Additionally, your unit is checked and verified to have the latest BIOS revision provided by Panasonic. We also work closely with factory engineers to stay on top of engineering changes and quality improvements.

How It Works
The process for obtaining service for your Panasonic laptop begins with a simple phone call to Panasonic's laptop support center . You will need to provide the full model and serial number (located on the bottom of the unit) as well as a description of the failure. Panasonic will then provide you with an authorization number and shipping instructions. Upon receipt of your unit, in-warranty work will be performed. You will be provided an estimate for all out-of-warranty and post-warranty work, which requires approval, prior to any repairs being made.

Component-Level Board Repair

Heartland has built their reputation with Panasonic primarily as a top-notch integrated circuitry repair company. For that reason, we have been and currently are the only authorized circuit board repair facility in the nation for Panasonic laptops. Over the last 35 years, Heartland has repaired circuit boards for Panasonic typewriters, copiers, printers, monitors, and laptops.

Our Technical Staff
With a staff of specially trained, highly degreed electronics engineers and technicians operating some of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry, Heartland is capable of troubleshooting and repairing most any conceivable circuit board defect.

Commitment To Excellence
Through regular internal meetings and frequent interface with Panasonic's Japanese engineers, Heartland has become an integral partner in Panasonic's passion with consistently developing better products.

Other Devices & Products We Support and Service

Over the last 35 years, Heartland has repaired circuit boards for numerous Panasonic products (projectors, security cameras, copiers, printers, monitors, mobility units, etc)

Devices Serviced and Supported at Heartland

  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Security Cameras

Computers & Laptops
  • Mobile Computing Devices
  • Wireless Units
  • Handheld Devices
  • Toughbook Mobility Products
  • Toughpad Mobility Products

  • Monitors
  • Projectors
  • Digital Signage

POS Product
  • POS Keystations
  • Servers
  • Wireless Headsets
  • Modems

  • Data Storage Devices
  • Multi-Function Devices