The Heartland Difference

The Heartland Difference is our people. From our engineers and circuit board specialists to our administrators, we are committed to serving you with unparalleled turnaround time and fast, reliable solutions to your problems. Our focus is to stay the performance leader in service. We boast a wide range of professional degrees and expertise. Our facility is state-of-the-art and we love our jobs! Our philosophy has always been: Better, Faster, Cheaper. We live this every day.

Our Expertise

Heartland's expertise lies in fast, reliable service of business equipment. We have built a solid reputation over 35 years of delivering unparalleled service with individualized attention to both our customers and their end users.

Full-Fledged Service Center
More than a repair facility, Heartland is a group of four service/support centers, each staffed with a team of trained professionals dedicated to supporting your business, your workforce, and your customers. We are an end-to-end partner and, through our repair and support services, we can easily manage your entire technology enterprise.

To us, it is always more than just "fixing it." Our goal is to position our team to become your sole source provider for parts, service, and support. We continue to expand our service offerings by working with our clients and listening to their concerns and requirements. Often you will find that there is never a need to call anyone else or send your hardware anywhere else.

Component-Level Board Repair
Heartland is one of the few service centers in the United States that diagnoses and repairs business and computer hardware to the component level of the circuit boards. Not only are we proud of the fact that we have been doing this for 35 years, we are also the only center in the United States authorized to perform this level of diagnostics and repair for Panasonic’s Toughbook/Toughpad computers. We've built our reputation on offering this service and continuously hone our expertise through continuing education, training, and engineering-level interaction with hardware manufacturers.
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Our Infrastructure
At Heartland, it's not just what we do; it’s where we do it. Our buildings, strategically located near Kansas City and Chicago, ensure that we're convenient to customers all over the United States. Our five facilities (combined) have over 145,000 square feet to service and support your needs. Our multi-city presence also ensures redundancy in the event of disaster. When it’s time for your hardware to leave Heartland, rest assured that our long-term relationships with major carriers ensure that shipping and logistics go off without a hitch. Though we are proud of our buildings and welcome our clients here anytime, "the magic" is with our people.

Our Experience

We work with numerous end users, business partners, and products. By maintaining the proper staff, expertise and equipment to "do the job right," Heartland is strategically positioned to service and support each and every one. The accuracy and professionalism of our team is unparalleled and we stand behind our work; every unit, every shipment, every day.

35 Years In Business
In the last three decades, we've grown from a rag tag staff of four, repairing electric typewriters, to a vibrant team of 200+ in five facilities, servicing and supporting an advanced array of business and computer hardware. We are proud of the fact that we have achieved this growth without the need to advertise. Our focus is on service and we have allowed our reputation and word of mouth to fuel our growth.

We like to say, "While we enjoy interacting with our customers, we prefer not to see their equipment twice." With our five checkpoint quality assurance program, we are proud to report that less than one half of one percent (0.5%) of all the units we service are returned to our facilities due to a faulty or incomplete repair.

A Flexible Team
Whether it’s providing basic in-warranty repair or spending five months configuring and deploying 1,000 laptops per week to outfit a telecommunications field staff (with no disruption of productivity), our team is flexible and ready to handle all matters of service and support for your business. On larger engagements, we understand that your schedule and needs change quickly (and often unexpectedly). When those changes occur, deadlines usually don't. Our flexible team is often able to deliver the impossible on time.

Our Philosophy

Heartland is the performance leader in service. We have built this reputation over 35 years by giving individual attention to each of our customers. Our guiding principles since day one have been Better, Faster and Cheaper.

At Heartland, there's a sense of pride. The employees of Heartland are well educated, dedicated and hardworking individuals who take pride in their work. We have never missed a deployment date, yet we will not sacrifice quality with metrics. A Heartland employee will call you with an update - personally. It's this commitment to customer service that has seen us through for more than 35 years in the business.

The Heartland standard of service means (on average) two business days in the repair center. We're the only facility in the country that can do this!

Simply put; a repaired board is cheaper than replacing with a new one. This equates to lower service costs for our business partners and our customers.